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Driving Healthcare Innovations

We pride ourselves with a comprehensive world class healthcare product comprising of, but not limited to, all the necessary core hospital information handling features and ancillary modules for a full hospital chain.

VIDA is composed of multiple, highly viable modules essential for the provision of a better healthcare service. These modules are developed and customized followed by a thorough background study of the domain requirements as well as the services provided by the hospitals or healthcare institutions respectively. Some of the key functional features of VIDA are as follows.

Clinical .

VIDA provides an automated system for the entire umbrella of clinical services provided to its patients by a hospital. Different core modules and components are available in for this purpose. The clinical functionalities incorporate,

  • EMR(Electronic Medical Records) which handles patient health records of full patient life cycles of inpatient and outpatient departments.
  • OR (Operating Room) that offers point of care tools to streamline processes and improve workflow efficiency of the operating room.
  • ER (Emergency Room) for the management of patients coming into emergency unit of a hospital.
  • Critical Care Unit handles information about patients in the ICU, CCU, PICU and Nursing units that provide separate logins for users to carry out their activities and to set-up different authorization levels.

Patient Management System .

VIDA has the comprehensive capability of patient management in a hospital, controlled by multiple interconnected core modules. This is divided into component like

  • ADT (Admissions, Discharge and Transfers), where all the patient admissions, discharges and transfers are handled end to end.
  • EMPI(Enterprise Master Patient Index), the system that maintains personal and demographic patient information registered in the hospitals.
  • RMS(Resource Management System), that comprises of Patient Appointment Management, Doctor Registration and Scheduling, Staff Registration and Resource Registration which involves the registration of Hospitals, Wards, Beds and other equipment.

Renal .

The Renal module depicts the functionality of total care for Patients with problems related to the kidneys. This module is fledged with the complete functionality to help the clinical care Staff to make decisions about patient care and execute orders related to the Patients’ condition and renal care. This also supports Patient Clinical History and Reporting, which may help the clinical care teams on better understanding the Patients’ condition.

Blood bank.

This module handles all the activities of a Blood Bank, from registering a Donor to the completion of transfusion of blood. All the activities involved are automated through this system, making the Blood Bank data secure and reliable.

Lab .

The Lab module facilitates the Lab workforce to perform all of their tasks through this system. All the required data can be stored in the system, whereas the Doctor orders for Patients are integrated to flow from other related modules to Lab, so that the Lab Staff have access to Doctor requests from lab system itself. The system enables to store Lab test results for Patients and redirect data to other systems as required.


The Pharmacy module is capable of managing of all the Pharmacies in a Hospital or a Hospital chain. Patients Medical Prescriptions are reflected in the Pharmacy system where the issuing of medications is handled. End to end Pharmacy processes can be handled through this system.

Infection control .

This module is equipped with information and the management of data for the Infection Control Team, to take necessary precautions to manage Patients who are/might be affected with aninfection which can be a threat to other Patients and Hospital Visitors.


The entire Billing aspect of the Hospital(s) is handled through the Billing module. From defining of medical procedure prices to Insurance claiming facilitation to issuing of invoices happen through this module. This module has numerous functionalities that have been implemented to improve the efficiency as well as accuracy and to minimize setbacks in the Hospital(s).

Our fully fledged HIS is capable of being customized further to cater any Hospital requirement, adding more features and functionalities according to the services they provide.