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How to design a product without failing your end users trust

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By Sanoj Dilshan on April 12th, 2019
Let’s think you are going to the supermarket to get something you need. People have common needs, but the requirements differ. For an example, think you’re at the supermarket to get ice-cream. There are multiple flavors of ice-cream with multiple varieties and brands. The first thing that comes to our mind when we go buy something is the brand. Most of the time you buy a product from a known and trustful brand. You are hesitant to buy from an unknown brand or a new brand even if you want to try something new.

So, I’m not going to talk about traditional marketing. Let’s look beyond traditional marketing and talk about Digital Marketing. We all know about digital marketing. Tim Berners-Lee, founded the WWW and it was a breakthrough for traditional marketing. Websites & mobile apps came to play a huge role in marketing.


Honestly speaking people like change. They like to do new things but they are afraid to take a risk. As I told you before there are some components that people use to assess. If it is a food product people look at its packaging, ingredients, expire date, etc. Although these factors are used in digital marketing it’s not exactly the same as traditional marketing.


Now-a-days marketing can be done easily by digital means and this has also opened up varies employment opportunities. Think that you are designing a website or a mobile application. You might design it beautifully according to the latest UI/UX concepts but as mentioned before some people don’t feel comfortable using new products, because of that they might stop using your website/app after several steps or not be tempted to use it at all. A main reason for this is that people are afraid to share personal and payment details online. Therefore, they need to be assured about the security measurements you have kept in place in order for them.
to Now-a-days money transactions, sharing personal details are done through the internet (using websites or mobile applications) at most of the time. So, UI/UX designers must design those websites/apps more attractively.


There are lots of different people in the society. Everyone is not identical. Most of them know how to work with digital devices, how to use them. But still there is a group of people who can’t read or understand something quickly. This is a complex problem and difficult to solve because the problem can be different from each person who uses our product. Best way to solve this problem is to come up with the best solution possible by researching the common problems majority of people are facing before designing the system. It will help to design a system with a less chance of failing.

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