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Goodbye 2019: New Year Resolutions for Tech Companies in 2020

Driving Healthcare Innovations

By Cloud Solutions International on January 2nd, 2020

It’s a NEW YEAR and a NEW DECADE! We are excited just like all the other tech companies. Every New Year begins with resolutions but, here we are talking about New Year resolutions as a company.

Even if a business is successful, it is essential to keep hustling because the world is competitive. It is vital to becoming a resilient company with a strong team. Some successful companies might assume that they are up to date; well, it might be right. But it doesn’t hurt to revisit your resolutions, goals, and rework on them, if necessary. 

In the tech industry, one of the prominent things companies need to be considerate of is customer satisfaction. As the risk of data breaching is high, as a company, it is essential to let your customers know that they can trust you. 

So this prominent issue should also be taken into consideration when you are creating new year resolutions. Here are some new year resolutions from CSI to every tech company out there. 

A few New Year resolutions 

Tech companies already deal with too many complexities, so we decided to offer them some simple yet effective resolutions.

  • Make sure to stay up to date with the healthcare trends 

As a company, it is essential to make an effort to become the best company in the industry. The beginning of a year is the best time to feed such motivational thoughts into your employees’ minds. A higher level of effort is required to stay up to date with healthcare trends. Therefore, your employees need to understand it. 

For example, think that telemedicine is the current trend, then your team members and employees need to focus more on it. They need to work hard to find out which way they can make the company become the top when compared with other companies incorporating telemedicine trends.  

As innovations have no limits, there are chances for different companies to come up with various innovations. Thus, it is essential to keep the team motivated to try different things. 

Moreover, it is a must to be focused on health IT-related priorities and goals. Some of the tech trends for 2020 are the Internet of Things (IoT), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain technology. Even though they are already in the tech industry, you will encounter enhancements in every trend. 

  • Go paperless to become sustainable 

Even though healthcare IT has developed paperless systems to a greater extent, it persists concerning a few more systems. Some hospitals still use a manual documentation system for patient registration. By going paperless, it is possible to help climate change while making the tasks simpler. Hence, set this resolution to go paperless and to become a sustainable company. 

Moreover, all IT companies know, it is pretty easy to go paperless as cloud computing is all that everyone needs. Thus, it should be every company’s resolutions to promote and enhance paperless systems in all the possible industries. 

  • Digital detoxing once in a while 

Well, this is not 100% possible, but trying this would increase the level of productivity of employees. Detox is essential, even if it is digital detoxing because it helps the brain to slow down and then re-think what needs to be done. Especially, employees in IT companies require digital detoxing once in a while. 

By following this resolution, you might encounter an increase in the productivity level. But make sure to set a proper system to support this resolution. 

How CSI started 2020? 

At CSI, we actually started the year with digital detoxing. Here’s a sneak a peek: 

We started off the year with lighting the oil lamp, which is the traditional way of beginning a year. Actually, it has an aura to soothe the minds of employees. Next, 

our CEO kicked things off with a motivational speech. In addition, employees were guided with the goals CSI aims to accomplish in 2020. 

Then, there was the deliciously decorated New Year Table with sweets and Kiribath. It was a perfect way to start 2020 as a team. Women in our company wore sarees and men wore formal attire to give the whole event a professional, yet traditional touch. All these events made employees feel lighthearted and that was the best way to begin our journey for a year ahead. 

However, we are looking forward to expanding our team and location as we are growing as a company. More events and team collaborations are lined up too. But in the process of growing as a company, we did not forget our goals: to reach more international clientele and to be recognized as one of the best places to work.

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