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Crafting a workplace, we adore

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By Cloud Solutions International on January 9th, 2020

Amidst all the other crucial points, crafting a workplace employees adore is a must. In a nutshell, if the workplace is optimistic, it is easy to increase productivity, efficiency, morale, and overall teamwork. Work performance and job satisfaction can be multiplied with an excellent workforce that will lead to a great workplace.

So, the workplace culture has now evolved into something that organizations spend money on. It makes or breaks the Human Resource part of an organization. Plus, a good workplace culture helps to retain and enhance the workforce of the company.

In simple terms, the workplace culture is the groundwork for an organization’s success. Although several factors abide together to create a satisfying workplace, the feeling of being a part of the company becomes the top tier. So how can you create a workplace that’s translucent, conductive, and winning?

A culture that every company should adopt

It is not easy to describe a culture that every company should adopt to. It should be comfortable, fun, and engaging. Also, the company should set the work ethics that everyone must follow while focusing on equality and diversity. Employees must report to work with passion and as a result the overall productivity of the workplace will skyrocket.

For instance, Google has a very unique work culture. They treat their employees like gems and offer them countless perks, a fun working environment, and more. In fact, they call their employees “Googlers”. Have you ever heard of a company that names their employees exclusively? So there, Google draws the line between them and other companies. We have gathered a lot of insights from Google’s work culture because it is one such culture that every company should adopt.

It is understandable why everyone vies for a position in a company like Google. Every successful company, including Google, believes that good teamwork is the foundation for an apt work culture. To illustrate, refer the formula below:

Hiring fitting employees + keeping employees happy=Outstanding productivity

On that note, we believe nothing comes easy and what comes easy doesn’t last long. When creating the work culture employees adore, we know it won’t be a straightaway success.

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle,and so gorgeous at the end.”

~Robin Sharma~

Creating a culture that fits your organization can be overwhelming at first, but once formed, it will be your organization’s greatest asset. To do this, it is essential to first understand the different generations your employees belong to.

Defining the generations and their impact on the work culture

How do newer generations, namely Millennials and Gen Z, think when compared to older generations? If you consider Millennials or Gen Z, they look for a work culture that will help them grow while emphasizing their individuality. This is totally opposite when it comes to older generations as they are more focused on fixed schedules with a stringent work culture.

Gen Z employees are more interested in technology, security, and multitasking-oriented workplaces, whereas Millennials are interested in flexible work schedules, foosball tables, and perks. For example, a workplace like Google.

Organizations must focus on all generations equally in order to create a work culture that’s accepted by all. For example, the majority of our team members are either Millennials or Gen Z. Hence, we strive to create the kind of culture they look forward to being a part of.

As you can see, it is essential to study the generations your employees belong to before creating a work culture. By doing so, the employer will be able to craft a culture that will boost their employees’ productivity.

How work culture impacts your employees’ productivity?

Numerous factors impact the productivity of the employees; one of those factors is work culture. It decides whether to make the employee love or hate what she or he does. For example, if your employees are Generation Z or millennials, then, being a friendly boss will help you get the work done. But for older generations, this will not be suitable as they are not interested in modern work cultures.

The employers need to read the mindset of the employees to find out how their productivity can be ignited. Employees’ mindset has a lot to do with productivity. Thus, creating a work culture they need will automatically boost productivity.

Along with work culture, there’s another factor that employers shouldn’t miss values. The values in an organization play a prominent role. So, let’s discuss it.

Importance of practicing values

While creating a work culture required by your employees, you shouldn’t avoid values. It is a must to practice values if you wish to take your organization to the next level. Here’s why:

  • A workplace must be less-restrictive but not without values because it will help the company stay on track.
  • Values shape the organization into a better form.
  • Core values are the main retention and recruiting tool of an organization.
  • By practicing values, the workplace’s reputation can be built and maintained.

If a company wants to achieve the things mentioned above, it is crucial to urge the employees to respect and practice the values the company upholds. Overall, company culture creates the urgency to respect and follow values in the work environment. Now, let’s take a moment to learn about our company’s culture.

Company culture in CSI

Our work culture is what you would expect because we analyzed the employees before creating it. After doing so, we concluded the following:

  • Provide excellent support to the team members.
  • Offer motivation to do better at their jobs.
  • Provide great opportunities, regardless of experiences.
  • Chances for newcomers to do research, write blog articles, conduct tech talks, etc.
  • Offer a helping hand when the team members are in trouble.
  • Organize events such as Movie nights, Halloween, Paduru party, Team lunch outings, Annual trips, quiz competitions, annual dinner, and employee recognition.
  • Form clubs such as Futsal, Photography, and Wellness.
  • Provide lunch for all employees most days of the week.

Overall, our culture is a friendly, fun, and a growth-oriented environment. Isn’t this the dream culture of Millennials and Generations Z employees? Of course, it is, and here’s what our employees have to say about it:

“Working for an organization that has been tasked with implementing health care information systems for the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia means we are punching way above our weight. For an organization that is less than two years old, our achievements are all down to our amazing workforce.”

— Ravi Kamalendiran (Manager — Business Excellence)

“Working with the CSI team gives countless opportunities, motivating me to improve my career and to focus on what I am good at.”

— Maheesha Hameed (Senior Quality Assurance Engineer)

“I am a fresh graduate from the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering of the University of Moratuwa. Starting my first job at CSI, I have been able to learn many cutting edge technologies, which will be very important for my future career. The CSI team is very helpful for newcomers. They never let you down when you face a problem, but helps you to overcome it while transferring related knowledge.”

— Tishan Harischandra (Software Engineer)

The run-through

Concluding, an adept workplace that you will love isn’t a big deal if you know where to look for. The work culture created by CSI is a way of welcoming employees. However, in the end, what matters the most is the happiness of the employees and the success of the company.

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