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About Us
Born for the future of
Healthcare Systems

Driving Healthcare Innovations

Cloud Solutions International is a fully owned subsidiary of Cloud Solutions, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, created to ensure that the Healthcare Industry embraces better technology whilst minimizing day to day risks. Boasting with over twenty-two years of domain knowledge in the Healthcare Industry, we pride ourselves to punch way above our weight. Our mother company; Cloud Solutions, is the Information Technology arm and a subsidiary of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group (HMG) which is the biggest medical group in the Gulf Region. Striving to improve the Healthcare Information Systems used in HMG hospitals, Cloud Solutions International was formed as the development company located in Sri Lanka, to continue the research and development in HIS, aiming to expand our horizons in the field of Healthcare by exploring obscured.


To be perceived as the global healthcare standard for technology


We strive to ensure that our clients can continue to evolve using cutting edge technology so that their customers may receive the best health care throughout their life by adapting and adopting to the disruptive nature of technology.

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